Can’t Miss Military Camouflage Secrets for Hunters [Video]

Hunters spend countless dollars on the latest high-fashion camo, and the gear makers tempt us with ever more realistic patterns every year.  They’d like you to believe you need an outfit for each terrain and season you hunt–perhaps every hour in the day, too.  While such a claim is true on its face, the real truth is great camo is all around you everyday.

If you use the simple tricks taught in this video, you can get by with just one or perhaps two basic outfits.  If you hunt in wooded areas, either tropical or temperate, a basic olive drab or woodland camo pattern is fine.  If you’re in semi-arid or desert country, either light khaki or coyote tan is the ticket.  What about winter, you ask?  White cover garments over your basic gear will get the job done.  You don’t need a full-on ghillie suit to replicate the techniques in this video, either.

So, watch and learn.  Then go out and experiment with what you’ve seen here.  No doubt you’ll come up with a few twists yourself which work.


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