LocaCarnivore Expert: Affordable Hunting Rifles–Military Surplus to the Rescue

New Life for Old War Horses

Hunters have used military surplus rifles for over a century and a half. They are rugged, affordable, and available.  Retired military guns are often dumped on the civilian market in waves after major conflicts, or when a country upgrades their infantry small arms. Some are scooped up by collectors, but most are bought by average gun owners. Many languish in gun safes for years with perhaps an occasional plinking session, but this wastes their true potential. These weapons are great (and fun) for hunting; more people should use them to put meat on the table. A bit clunky to look at perhaps, with their full wooden furniture, matte blue or Parkerized finishes, and rudimentary sights, but with a little attention they can become a favorite hunting gun. There are several things in their favor…  Read More



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