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Month: November 2017

LocaCarnivore Expert: Magnum Hunting Cartridges – Go Large or Go Home

Why a Magnum? Magnum. The word is synonymous with power, long range, and a certain cachѐ, which implies those who shoot them are uncompromising rifle enthusiasts. Are magnum hunting cartridges really necessary? After all, a deer hit in a vital Read More

LocaCarnivore Test and Review: Ameristep Battlefield Ground Blind

LocaCarnivore entered a brave new hunting world this year when we purchased an Ameristep Battlefield ground blind from Cabelas.  It is also known as the Ameristep Element Hunting Blind from Ameristep and other retailers.  Until now, we had hunted on Read More

Iowa Expands Legal Deer Hunting Calibers

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources announced on November 14th they will now allow  hunters to use certain pistol cartridges in rifles designed for those rounds.  The cartridges are permitted during the Youth, Disabled, and Shotgun seasons.  Iowa DNR wants Read More

Montana Mule Deer Test Positive for CWD

It’s official. Montana has CWD.  The Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Department announced they had confirmed Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in two mule deer harvested in the state’s south-central portion.  While CWD migration from the Dakotas into Montana has been Read More

Montana Ranchers “Cowboy Up” to Rescue Tangled Whitetail Deer Bucks [Video]

According to KPAX-TV in Missoula, Montana, several ranchers happened upon two whitetail bucks recently who tangled their antlers together during a mating fight.  The incident occurred near Broadus, Montana.  The ranchers used their roping skills along with specially trained horses Read More

Is the Ammunition Industry Trying to Kill the .375 Holland & Holland?

LocaCarnivore’s regular readers know I hold one rifle cartridge above all others: the .375 Holland & Holland Magnum.  Trust me, I’m no fan boy, though.  You know, those insufferable people (mostly on the Internet) who are in love with something Read More

Youth Hunter Attacked by Ferocious Feral Hogs

The Missouri Department of Conservation has confirmed in a recent press release a youth hunter and his grandfather were attacked by feral hogs over the October 28th weekend. The youth had just shot his first deer.  The pair followed the Read More

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe — Cider and Orange Turkey Brine [Recipe]

If you’ve been lucky this fall turkey season to get your own tom, you’re probably wondering how you should cook it.  Here is an excellent turkey brining recipe I use that will tame even the toughest tom.  It’s also great Read More

Secrets for Rattling and Calling Whitetail Deer [Video]

It’s the rut right now.  All over America, whitetail deer are fighting for mates.  They’ve dropped their guard and are looking for just one thing, which makes this the perfect time to rattle or call a buck to convert into Read More

Federal Announces New, Insanely Accurate Cartridge for 5.56 Platform Rifles

Just when you thought years would pass before we saw another new cartridge designed for long-range shooting, here come the latest from Federal: the .224 Valkyrie.  German speakers will note the name should be spelled “Walkure,” with an umlaut on Read More

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