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Month: October 2017

LocaCarnivore Expert: Best Hunting Cartridges for AR Rifles

AR platform rifles are now the most popular rifle in America with well over five million owned nationwide. They are the fastest selling, fastest growing, segment in the firearms market today. The AR is a superb hunting rifle: accurate, reliable, Read More

Deer Decoy Secrets [Video]

How many times have you sat in a blind or tree stand for hours just to watch deer wander around beyond sensible shooting range?  No matter how hard you wish for it, they will not step into the ambush’s kill-zone.  Read More

Secrets to Get Permission to Hunt on Private Land [Video]

Our mission at LocaCarnivore is to support and encourage people to hunt their local areas (within a three-hour or less drive from home).  For some hunters, it is a difficult challenge, often because there is little or no public hunting Read More

LocaCarnivore Expert: Best Cartridge for Long-Range Elk [Virtual Test]

Long-range hunting is all the rage these days. Tales from far off battlefields about one-shot kills at over a mile have fired hunters’ imaginations. Rifles and bullets are now on the market which can sling lead accurately at game animals Read More

4 Success Secrets for Elk After the Rut [Video]

Here’s a great video about how to find elk after the rut.  Elk behavior changes after the breeding season.  This video contains four must know principles to improve your odds during October and November.  Above all, stay persistent. Don’t give Read More

Bison Survives Lightning Strike, Now on the Mend

Here’s an update from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on “Sparky.”  The tough (and lucky) Bison, who lives on Iowa’s Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, received a lightning hit in January, 2016.  Refuge staff had been concerned the herd Read More

Don’t Miss a Once in a Lifetime Shot! Expert Tips From the USMC [Video]

Long range hunting is the fashion these days, but do you know the fundamentals which will ensure you can hit a distant target with precision?  This great video goes in-depth to help you understand and find your natural point of Read More

Death in the Long Grass (and Elderberries)

Seems hunting stories always begin with, “No kidding, there I was…” So, there I was.  I had spent the morning working my way up a mountain slope in the northern Rockies.  A slow, deliberate search for the elusive Mountain Grouse.  Read More

Pro Reloading Tips You Can Use Now [Video]

Here’s a great video on how to reload your own rifle cartridges.  I do a few things different from what RCBS shows here.  I work each case one at a time.  First I clean them, then lube (I’ve been told Read More

LocaCarnivore Expert: Best .300 Magnum [Virtual Shootout]

There are many magnum hunting cartridges, but those which use .30 caliber bullets are by far the most popular. The “Fast Thirties,” as famed gun writer Craig Boddington calls them, have always captivated hunters. They combine flat trajectories with tremendous Read More

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