Montana Bow Hunter Puts on Pronghorn Stalking Clinic [Video]

Pronghorn, aka, the speed goat.  These Pleistocene throwbacks are among the world’s toughest game animals to hunt.  With eight-power eyesight and a 60 mph top-speed, many hunters count themselves lucky if they can get a 400 yard rifle shot.  Bow hunters, under most circumstances, ambush these fantastic animals from a blind next to water sources.  The idea you can just walk up to one for a bow shot borders on lunacy.

Whether you chase speed goat with a rifle or a bow, you must watch this Montana hunter show how it’s done when it comes to an open field pronghorn stalk.  Pay particular attention to how he uses the goat’s blind spots, ground irregularities, and even low cover to put the sneak on his dinner.  Yes, he wears camouflage, but even if you’re decked out in blaze orange, it matters little.  What does matter–to the pronghorn–is whether you move, and if they smell you.



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