How to Hunt Pronghorn (Guns, Gear, Tactics)

Few game animals in this world will challenge a hunter more than North America’s pronghorn. A hold over from the last Ice Age, the pronghorn (Antilocapra Americana) inhabits the western U.S., central Canada, and northern Mexico. Considered an open prairie denizen, the pronghorn can turn up in some unexpected places. I once encountered a herd in Colorado at over 10,000 feet elevation—go figure.

Pronghorn are keen sighted, paranoid, and fast. They are the second fastest land mammal in the world just behind the cheetah. They can hit 60 mph in a sprint and cruise for miles at 30 – 35 mph. Suffice to say, you’ll not keep up with a herd if they are spooked. Their eyes are equivalent to…  Read More


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