Lever-Action Deer Gun Shootout: .30-30 v. .44 Magnum [Video]

Lever-action carbines, among the most popular deer guns in America, have been around since the 1860s.  Despite more modern options on the market, many hunters still prefer this classic.  Lever guns are quick to the shoulder and have a rapid follow-up shot capability which makes them a top choice for stalking nervous deer in thick cover, whether it’s Mid-Western birch forests, South-Eastern oaks , or the West’s ponderosa and sage.  They are also compact and light, perfect for an all day vigil in a tree stand.

Lever guns come in many calibers today, from .17 rim-fires to the mighty big-bores such as the .45-70.  Despite all the choices out there, most hunters settle on either the classic .30-30 Winchester or Dirty Harry’s favorite, the .44 Remington Magnum.  Both rounds have their advocates and detractors, but it’s safe to say the .30-30 has taken more deer, for more years, than any other center-fire cartridge around, and the .44 has its own charms.

As to which is best, ace videographer, Paul Harrell, has put them both to the test.  As our regular readers know, we love Paul’s well produced and informative videos, and this one is no exception.  So, here’s Paul…



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