Don’t Get Taken: Must Know Secrets to Buying Used Rifles

Buying a used gun is more legalized gambling than a simple financial transaction.  Do it right, and you’ll have gun to cherish for a lifetime.  Do it wrong, and you’ll kick yourself for years.  “How could I have been so stupid?” you’ll ask yourself in between profane words.

Guns, like cars, are mechanical devices.  They function according to physics, not voodoo.  They have moving parts which wear over time, and if they are not well maintained, they break.  The key when you shop for a used rifle is to understand their basic mechanical principles and to know where to look for trouble signs.

Here at LocaCarnivore, we’ve always enjoyed the NRA’s magazine, American Rifleman.  It’s well written, timely, and authoritative.  The following story from them is no exception.  It takes you step by step through the basics involved in buying a used rifle.  We enjoyed it, and we know you will, too.



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