Secrets for Hunting from a Ground Blind [Video]

LocaCarnivore debuted their new Ameristep ground blind this fall.  Watch for a full test and review in an upcoming issue.  As usual, we jumped in with both feet.  I mean how hard could it be?  Set up the blind, get in, sit down, and shut up.  Right?  While those things are basic, there’s much more to this ground blind business than we thought.

In fact, we got spanked by wily whitetails every time we took the blind to a favorite spot.  If it hadn’t been for the mistake made by one lead doe, we would not have succeeded on our first hunt with the blind.

The doe in question came out just where we expected, took one look at the blind out in the open field, barked, and evacuated the her herd in a hurry.  She took the next twenty minutes to contemplate what she had seen (or perhaps smelled, although we had the wind right), then she brought the bunch back to the exact same spot.  The herd is now minus one member–’nuff said.

We deployed the blind several times afterward in different locations and each time, for some reason or another, the deer made us and never exposed themselves for a shot.  Clever little beasties.

Time for some post-op failure analysis.  We found this well done little video on the subject which confirmed several suspicions we had and pointed out some things we did not consider.  Are blinds worth it?  Yes, but like anything else, there are things you can do to improve your odds in the field.


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