LocaCarnivore Test and Review: PPU 300 Grain .375 H&H Magnum

Prvi Partizan (PPU) has a reputation for good quality ammunition at a reasonable price. The author has used their ammunition before with acceptable results. Many companies offer 300 grain .375 H&H loads, but at more than twice PPU’s price. Is this affordable round good enough for big game?

Hammer of the Gods

The “Three-Seven-Five,” as it’s known in Africa, has a stellar reputation.  It is suitable for plains game and dangerous game, even elephant with the right load. The sleek case assures butter-smooth feeding in bolt-action rifles, and 300 grain .375 caliber bullets have a high sectional density (.305) which provides excellent penetration on big, tough critters. Noted authorities on dangerous game hunting such as Robert Ruark and Peter Capstick believed the 300 grain, .375 had better… Read More


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