Wolves Continue to Kill Livestock Despite Intensive Non-Lethal Deterents

Livestock producers continue to suffer under misguided wolf introductions by the U.S. Government.  According to a recent press release from Oregon’s Department of Fish and Wildlife, one producer, in particular, has lost numerous calves this year despite following all the recommendations from both ODFW and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  The producer has paid range riders to monitor their cattle herds for wolf activity and significantly altered their calving practices, all to no avail.

As a consequence, the producer has requested to apply lethal controls to the Meacham Pack, which ODFW has granted.  Both ODFW agents and the producer will receive permits to cull four wolves total from the pack.  This effort coincides with other ODFW lethal wolf control efforts in Wallowa County, Oregon.

Once again, policies based on emotion are failing both people and wolves.  A licensed wolf hunting program open to the public would finance further wolf research and management, and keep problem packs in check to ultimately increase balanced bio-diversity.

— LJ Bonham

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