Ruger Issues Safety Warning for Ruger Precision Rifle

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Ruger issued an urgent safety bulletin this morning for their Ruger Precision Rifle model.  According to Ruger, affected rifles have interference between the aluminum bolt shroud and the firing pin back also known as the cocking piece. 

This interference may cause several possible problems.

  1. Light firing pin strike on the cartridge primer/
  2. Failure to fire when trigger pulled.
  3. Failure to fire followed by firing WHEN THE BOLT HANDLE IS LIFTED.

Ruger claims this condition may resolve itself after 100 or more rounds are fired due to parts break-in.  Ruger is offering replacement aluminum bolt shrouds to affected owners.

Ruger says if your Ruger Precision Rifle has either a polymer bolt shroud or a serial number which begins with 1802, 1803, or higher, it is not affected by this safety bulletin.

For further information, contact Ruger at

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