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Tag: hog hunting

Hot Handgun Hunting Action (10mm Auto v. Wild Hogs)

Handgun hunting is, without a doubt, a fantastic challenge.  You have to get in close–bow hunting close.  It’s also much harder to hit well with a handgun.  To make it even more difficult, try to ground stalk you prospective dinner.  Read More

Hog Hunting Must Knows (Pro Tips)

It’s a fact, Feral hogs are a plague upon the land in many southern and mid-western states.  Every year they invade new territory.  Hogs have spread as far east as Ohio and as north as Michigan.  At their present growth Read More

Hit That Hog! (Pro Guide Shot Placement Secrets)

Going hogging?  Here’s where to hit ’em so they drop right there. If you live in the southern U.S., you know feral hogs are a plague upon the land.  It’s up to you, the resident locacarnivores, to knock this invasive Read More

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