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Month: March 2018

Slick Way to Teach Your Hunting Dog “Whoa” [Video]

Your upland hunting dog must learn the “Whoa” command.  If you don’t teach them right, both you and the dog will always get frustrated when hunting birds.  “Whoa” is, in essence, a refined, standing “Stay.”  When given a “Whoa,” the Read More

Don’t Make a Big Mistake (How to Choose Your First Hunting Rifle)

At some point in a new hunter’s life, they must purchase their first hunting rifle. There are many options, perhaps too many these days. Which is best? How do you select the right one? People new to hunting fall into Read More

Find Wounded Deer Easier With This Ultimate Secret [Video]

You just placed the perfect shot on a deer.  At least you think you did.  The animal ran off, it didn’t fall dead right there.  Now what? Things happen fast at a hunt’s penultimate moment.  A hunter’s perceptions are clouded Read More

LocaCarnivore Expert: Best Dangerous Game Cartridges for Bolt-Action Rifles

The words, “Dangerous Game,” evoke a classic image: well-heeled hunters who scour Africa’s vastness for “The Big Five.” To others, it is a week spent in the rain to find a thousand pound brown bear amidst Kodiak Island’s infamous, tangled Read More

Idaho and Wyoming Advance Grizzly Hunt Plans

Idaho game authorities announced this week they will move forward with a proposed grizzly bear hunt for 2018.  While the hunt is still in the feasibility study phase, odds are the state will finalize plans by May.  Idaho’s efforts coincide Read More

Insane Montana Black Bear Open Field Stalk [Video]

No one would believe a spot and stalk bear hunting story like this if it hadn’t been videoed.  This bow hunter puts on clinic for how to move up on an animal.  He works the wind, keeps his movements small Read More

A Sportsman’s Life: The Latest From Bill Heavey

Here’s the latest from columnist Bill Heavy at Field and Stream. Personality-Based Storage Systems for Your Hunting and Fishing Gear   Other helpful stories you’ll like: Bill Heavey’s “A Sportman’s Life”: Waterfowl Hunting A Hunter’s Gamble: Waiting for the Deer Read More

Wilderness Survival Secrets [Video]

Each year hunters get lost or trapped in the backcountry.  All too many times they die.  It’s vital you know how to survive in the wilderness.  There are basic skills and knowledge you must have before you set out into Read More

LocaCarnivore Expert: The .30-06 Springfield (One Cartridge to Rule Them All)

Is the .30-06 the world’s most versatile hunting cartridge? Many hunters say yes. Adopted by the U.S. military in 1906, the .30-06 served for over five decades and through three wars. This jack of all trades has been used to Read More

Classic Safari Cartridges Are Alive and Well (Colorful Chart)

Do you need ammo for a .240 Holland and Holland Flanged?  How about a .500/465 Nitro Express?  Many fine classic safari rifles never see daylight anymore because their owners believe the cartridges for them have been discontinued long ago. This Read More

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