Find Wounded Deer Easier With This Ultimate Secret [Video]

You just placed the perfect shot on a deer.  At least you think you did.  The animal ran off, it didn’t fall dead right there.  Now what?

Things happen fast at a hunt’s penultimate moment.  A hunter’s perceptions are clouded by many factors.  What we think we see may not be correct at all.  Truth is, if you bow hunt, or even if you shoot the world’s most powerful Mega-Magnum, animals react in unpredictable ways when shot.  Most do run off before they die.  Everything in their minds and bodies is programmed to flee at high-speed if something scares them.  Deer, whitetails in particular, are notorious for a dash after they are hit.  Hunters must know what to do, and when, to ensure they recover a shot animal.

Your first actions after the shot are critical.  This excellent video teaches you the right thing to do.


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