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Month: February 2018

Montana Halts 2018 Grizzly Hunt [Breaking News]

For many Montanans: hunters, outfitters, and those who have been attacked and maimed, Montana’s proposed grizzly bear hunt couldn’t come soon enough.  This week, the state’s Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Department announced they would have to wait at least another Read More

Coyote Calling Secrets You Can Use Right Now [Expert Video]

If you hunt deer, and want to continue to have deer to hunt, you must hunt coyotes.  Coyotes are the most prevalent predator in North America.  Each spring they kill far too many deer fawns–they kill your food.  Not to Read More

Discover the Best Hunting Truck for You [LocaCarnivore Exclusive]

Nature’s predators move to hunt.  Whether it’s a cheetah running down a gazelle, or Arctic wolves stalking a caribou herd for miles without end, mobility is key.  Same holds for human hunters.  They need to get to their hunting ground, Read More

Effective Bear Hunting Secrets [Video]

Now is the time to pump up your bear hunting knowledge and skills.  We found a great video with killer bear hunting tips and tactics. This video is worth your time to watch.  You will learn can’t miss places to Read More

LocaCarnivore Expert: Best Deer Hunting Cartridges (New Study)

Deer. Say the word and hunters’ hearts across America—and the world—will beat faster. The most popular big game animal by a wide margin, deer, and their close cousins, roam almost every continent. The U.S. alone is home to more deer Read More

10 Best Hunting Backpacks: Real User Reviews [Video]

When you shop for a hunting backpack, it can get confusing.  There are many on the market made by numerous companies.  Prices vary from insanely cheap to insanely expensive.  How do you choose which is best for you? There are Read More

Killer Low-Buck Turkey Hunting Hacks [Video]

Here at LocaCarnivore Magazine, we’re all about filling the freezer without spending a fortune.  We love old school methods and gear which just work with no fuss or bother, or large cash.  We also love minimalist hunting.  We always ask Read More

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