Wish I Knew This Before I Got a 1911!

There is lot you need to know if you want a 1911, but I wish I knew this before I got a 1911.

The 1911 pistol dates back to about 1905 when famed gun designer John Moses Browning’s ideas for a large caliber, semi-automatic pistol began to coalesce into a workable prototype.  After half a decade, and many revisions, the United States armed forces adopted the final version as their issue sidearm.  The gun became a legend.  It served for 74 years; through four major wars and numerous lower intensity conflicts.

Even after the Beretta M9 “replaced” the 1911, the gun never faded away.  It is still used by many special operations and law enforcement units.  Many civilian shooters carry them, and the gun has achieved a cult-like following.

Your author bought his first 1911 in 1987 and many more followed over the years.  Even though I like and admire the pistol, there are some things which I wish I knew before I got a 1911.

Watch our latest video to discover the 1911’s many quirks which you must know and understand before you slap hard earned money down on your first 1911.

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