Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 10 (A 10mm Fit For Bear Country?)

Is the Smith and Wesson M&P10 a 10mm fit for bear country?

Smith and Wesson’s new, striker-fired foray into the 10mm wars attracted much media buzz when it appeared on the market a year, or so, ago.  Why did LocaCarnivore wait to produce their unbiased review?  Simple, it took this long to get our hands on one, test it, and produce a video.  We don’t get what are called “T and E, or Test and Evaluation” guns from the gun industry months before a new product is dropped onto the market–unlike the mainstream gun media outlets and big name “Influencers”.  This puts us at a significant disadvantage during a product launch media blitz.

However, it gives us one distinct advantage: we aren’t beholden to gun manufacturers for our content pipeline.  We are free to speak the truth about products without fear the gun industry will freeze us out from future “scoops.”  All those “exclusives” and “we have the first look” reviews in the mainstream media/influencer universe are staged events managed by gun companies’ marketing departments.  In many cases the mainstream gun media just rephrases, or outright regurgitates, those same marketing departments’ press releases or talking points.  This is both lazy and disingenuous, and creates a perceived conflict of interest.

LocaCarnivore is free from such control, which means you get our unvarnished, unbiased, honest observations and opinions.

So much the why, let’s dive into the what.  We live in bear country and stake our lives on our bear guns.  We bring this perspective to every bear gun test.  For all the details on the Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 10 watch this terrific–and honest– video.  Find out if the Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 10 10mm is fit for bear country.


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