Choose the Right Hunting Boot (Pro Tips)

There’s an old Eskimo saying, “No foot, no dog.”  In blunt terms, any creature which depends on its legs to survive can’t afford foot problems.  Hunters rely on their feet.  Blisters, twisted ankles, bruised heels, any foot problem can bring you and your hunt to an immediate, non-negotiable halt.  The key to success then is proper foot gear.  You must have the right boots for the right climate and terrain or you will fail.  Not only could you lose out on food for your freezer, you might turn an outdoor adventure into a life or death struggle.  All because you picked the wrong boots.

Here to help you with this critical decision is Dan Doty from Steve Rinella’s hit Netflix show, “MeatEater.”  Both the host and crew travel the world to film real, no-nonsense hunts and promote hunting culture.  Weather and terrain are their constant foe.  It makes sense they would know a thing or two about hunting boots.

We found Dan’s recommendations spot on.  We would, however, add one more boot category to his list, a quality severe cold-weather pack boot which is designed for sub-zero temperatures.  (Read more about cold-weather hunting gear in our article, Winter Big Game Hunting (Guns, Gear, Tactics)


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