Hunting Suppressors (What You Need to Know)

Rifle suppressors have become must have gear for hunters.  Once considered proof someone is a poacher, more and most states in the U.S. now realize these hearing protection devices are good, not evil.  All too many people, even gun owners, still think suppressors render a firearm silent, which just proves how well Hollywood indoctrinates the public.

Suppressors are far from the James Bond-ish gadgets used by movie assassins.  These simple, yet complex, devices reduce (not eliminate) a gun’s acoustic signature and help shooters protect their hearing.  The irony is, for years, suppressors have been legal for hunting in many European countries which otherwise have strict gun control laws.  Suppressors save hunters hearing, prevent noise complaints near hunting areas, and help reduce acoustic stress on wildlife.

While many states now allow suppressors when hunting, there is still a Byzantine Federal approval and tax system which regulates these devices in the U.S.  Hunters who want to purchase a “can,” as suppressors are often called, must fill out all appropriate forms and wait for BATFE to approve their request before a sale is consummated.

So what should hunters expect from a suppressor and how should they use one?  Watch this great video.


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