Number One Secret to Fooling Deer [Video]

Every deer hunter has “The Story.”  The one how a deer came in close, or they managed to sneak up on the rascal, and just as they were about to shoot, the darn thing dashed off!

Few things in hunting are as frustrating.  Eight times out of ten, the deer smelled the hunter.  The other twenty percent, the hunter moved and the deer saw them.  So, how on earth do you fool a deer’s nose?

We found this great video which tells you the most important things about defeating a deer’s nose.  We have to agree with what’s presented here.  We’d also add understanding wind and working with it is even more important than disguising your scent.  Trouble is, no matter how careful you are about odor control, you always have something on you which has a scent not found in nature or which screams, “human.”  All you have to do is get in your truck to drive to a hunting area, and your skin and clothes pick up every odor in there.

Yes, you can hose yourself down with scent control elixirs after you dismount, but your gun still smells from gun oil, your breath smells, you’ve been perspiring, etc.  You can mask perhaps 90%, but something will always betray you.  This means you must work the wind–at all times.

Here’s the video we promised.

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