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Whitetail Stalk in Heavy Cover (Deer Hunting 101 Video)

Few things will get your adrenaline up as spot and stalk deer hunting in heavy cover.  It’s just you and the deer, up close and personal; predator and prey in the ancient dance.  If you can become one with the Read More

The Impossible Shot (Hunter Shows How It’s Done in This Video)

Straight down. It’s the one shot bow hunters in a tree stand dread. You must thread your arrow between three major skeletal members in an animal: spine, ribs, and shoulder blades. There is no room for error. Too far forward, Read More

The Best Camouflage

“There’s turkeys on the hill.” The words snapped my attention from an article I needed to finish; predatory adrenaline propelled me up from my desk. I grabbed the old Stevens 20-gauge single-barrel shotgun from its storage place along with three, Read More

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