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Tag: self-defense

Is the Polymer 80 PFC9 A Low-Rent Glock Wannabe?

Is the Polymer 80 PFC9 9mm pistol a rock-solid handgun or just an off brand, low-rent Glock wannabe? When Gaston Glock’s company introduced their polymer framed, striker fired semi-automatic pistol (coincidently named the P80) in 1980, few people could have Read More

10mm vs. .45 ACP+P (Thor’s Hammer Takes on G.I. Joe)

There’s no middle ground when it comes to the 10mm Auto. Shooters either love it—some to rapture—or they deride it as overrated and unnecessary. For a long time the doubters almost prevailed. Introduced in 1983, the “Ten” drew little initial Read More

Speer Pumps Up the 10mm with 200 Grain Gold Dot

The 10mm Auto cartridge has had its ups and downs, as I detailed in The 10mm: Thor’s Hammer for Semi-Auto Pistols a few months ago.  In its original incarnation, as loaded by Norma, this hot round propelled a 200 grain Read More