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Tag: pronghorn bow hunting

Montana Bow Hunter Puts on Pronghorn Stalking Clinic [Video]

Pronghorn, aka, the speed goat.  These Pleistocene throwbacks are among the world’s toughest game animals to hunt.  With eight-power eyesight and a 60 mph top-speed, many hunters count themselves lucky if they can get a 400 yard rifle shot.  Bow Read More

If You Hunt Pronghorn, You Can Hunt Anything (Pro Tips Video)

Here at LocaCarnivore, we live to hunt pronghorn.  These are amazing animals, pure throwbacks to the Pleistocene with eight-power vision.  They are the fastest animal in North America, and are called “speed goats” for good reason. If you want a Read More

Killer Pronghorn Bow Hunting Secrets [Video]

When you hunt pronghorn, you accept the biggest challenge North American big game hunting offers.  These smart (and tasty) survivors from the Pleistocene can see you miles away.  Their eyes are equal to eight power binoculars.  They can hit 60 Read More

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