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Number One Way to Keep Your Hunting Skills Sharp

For most folks, big game season winds down in November or December.  Don’t hit the couch with a hot drink and the remote, though.  You–yes, you–have work to do.  In truth, there is little down time between seasons for real Read More

Wyoming Grizzly Hunt Gets Green Light (Breaking News)

Wyoming announced it will proceed with a proposed grizzly bear hunt for the fall, 2018 hunting season.  This marks the first time in 44 years the large, ferocious predators will face hunters, and it defeats efforts made by numerous anti-hunting Read More

Idaho and Wyoming Advance Grizzly Hunt Plans

Idaho game authorities announced this week they will move forward with a proposed grizzly bear hunt for 2018.  While the hunt is still in the feasibility study phase, odds are the state will finalize plans by May.  Idaho’s efforts coincide Read More

Coyote Calling Secrets You Can Use Right Now [Expert Video]

If you hunt deer, and want to continue to have deer to hunt, you must hunt coyotes.  Coyotes are the most prevalent predator in North America.  Each spring they kill far too many deer fawns–they kill your food.  Not to Read More

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