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Tag: hunter safety

Don’t Become a Statistic (Dramatic Video Shows Why Hunter Orange Works)

Eight out of ten hunters who were accidentally shot did not wear blaze orange according to the latest hunter safety survey in New York state.  Eighty percent.  The other 20% were attributed to not verifying what was behind a target. Read More

Don’t Become a Statistic (10 Secrets to Keep You Safe Next Hunting Season)

Too many hunters are injured, killed, or just go missing every year. The sad fact is, in most cases, these casualties are avoidable. With some basic preparation and common sense, you can make sure you come home with meat for Read More

Stay Safe in Your Tree Stand This Fall

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department sent us this great, easy to use guide to tree stand safety.  Many hunters are injured, even killed, each season in falls from tree stands.  Read this handy guide and don’t become a statistic.  Read More

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