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Crimp Your Cartridges! (The Factory Secret For Better Loads)

A worrisome thought occurred to me as I pulled the last .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge from my rifle’s magazine after a successful whitetail hunt in Montana.  The rounds looked odd, not right in the least.  Good news–bad news.  Good news, Read More

Is There Such a Thing as a Brush Gun? [Video]

The idea some cartridges can bust their way through thick brush has been around since guns have been used for hunting.  Are some better suited to the task than others? Cartridges with a brush buster reputation have common characteristics.  They Read More

10 Secrets to Puttin’ the Sneak on Dinner (LocaCarnivore’s How to Hunt Series)

I admit it.  I’m not a Ninja, or a Navy SEAL, or any other such clandestine operative.  So what do I know about sneaking up on anything, let alone hyper-alert game animals?  Turns out, plenty.  Why?  Because I watch the Read More

The .30-30 Winchester: More Than You Think [Video]

The underappreciated .30-30 Winchester has, in all likelihood, taken more deer for more years than any other center-fire rifle cartridge in history.  Introduced in the late 19th century, it used the then new smokeless powder to produce velocities beyond what Read More

LocaCarnivore Expert: Best Deer Hunting Cartridges (New Study)

Deer. Say the word and hunters’ hearts across America—and the world—will beat faster. The most popular big game animal by a wide margin, deer, and their close cousins, roam almost every continent. The U.S. alone is home to more deer Read More

First Day of Whitetail Deer Season

The first day of rifle season for deer and elk is always fraught with worry.  This year, we knew I’d have to harvest my deer first because I had drawn an antlerless whitetail tag and my husband didn’t.  We went Read More

Deer Decoy Secrets [Video]

How many times have you sat in a blind or tree stand for hours just to watch deer wander around beyond sensible shooting range?  No matter how hard you wish for it, they will not step into the ambush’s kill-zone.  Read More

Special Deer Hunts in Nebraska State Parks and Recreational Areas

Deer hunters can now access the Eugen T. Mahoney and Platt River state parks as well as Schram Park State Park Recreation Area according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.  Application deadline is 5:00 PM Nebraska time, October 31st.  Read More

Special Hunting Program for Purple Heart Recipients in Montana

The Montana National Guard will allow limited deer hunting on Fort Harrison near Helena, Montana for service members who have been awarded the Purple Heart.  Eligible hunters must provide proof of their medal and possess a license to hunt from Read More

South Carolina Enables Handicapped Hunters

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources announced two special hunts this year for mobility impaired hunters. The first will take place October 27-28 in Cherokee, Spartanburg, and Union Counties.  The second is scheduled for November 3-4 in Laurens and Read More

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