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LocaCarnivore Product Review: Nosler AccuBond Bullets

A bright, blood-orange sun dipped below a fir and ponderosa mantled ridge in Montana’s Blackfoot River country. A tedious, yet picturesque afternoon-long wait had come down to this; fifteen minutes before last legal hunting light and still no deer had Read More

Do You Really Need a Premium Hunting Bullet?

Every gun and hunting magazine brims with expensive ad copy to convince hunters they must buy the latest high-tech, ultra-engineered bullet or risk never getting a game animal again. Bullets have indeed come a long way from the crude, cast Read More

LocaCarnivore Expert: Why You Need a Premium Hunting Bullet

Are premium hunting bullets worth the extra expense?  Premium bullets just do a better job than low-budget bullets. They offer the hunter three distinct advantages: higher ballistic coefficients, more accuracy, and greater terminal performance on game. Low Budget, Low Performance Read More