Is Speer’s 124 Grain Gold Dot 9mm Any Good?

Is Speer’s 124 grain Gold Dot 9mm any good?  In a short barrel?  Can it pass our “Frost Giant” extreme ballistic gel test?

Speer’s Gold Dot line has been around for decades so why did we wait this long to test it, and why in a short barrel?  Simple, we just obtained some gel blocks from Clear Ballistics Gelatin.  As to the second question, Speer no longer offers a “short barrel” specific load in their 9mm line, but since so many people carry short barrel pistols these days, we wanted to find out if the standard load is effective in such firearms–and against assailants dressed in heavy winter clothes, in particular.

Watch this fantastic video to find out!

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1 comment

Chris Leete says:

I’ve been carrying this round for a long time in my EDC.
This test only goes to show that you must practice your shot placement no matter how good the bullet is.
And if you must draw and shoot, shoot until the threat is stopped.

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