Range Estimation Without a Laser [Pro Video Tip]

Laser range finders are everywhere these days.  Once reserved for special operations troops or wealthy hunters, laser range finders are now plentiful and affordable.  The question is, what if you forgot yours, or it malfunctions, or you just can’t get to it in time?

If you have a duplex or mil-dot scope reticle and understand subtensions, you can use those.  What if you don’t, or you’re bow hunting, or have iron sights?  Don’t panic.  You may not know it, but most folks have two range finders with them at all times–their thumbs.  Thumbs?  How crazy…?

Yes, your thumbs.  Here to teach you how to use them as ad hoc range finders is North American Hunting with their great video.  While they apply this skill to close-range hunting, with a little experimentation, you can use it at normal rifle hunting distances, as well. Watch and learn.


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