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Hunting Dog Basic Training (Pro Secrets You Can Do)

The road to a perfect hunting dog starts early.  Before your pup can point, flush, or retrieve, they must have a rock-solid sit, down, stay, and heel.  This is the critical first phase where you build a rapport which will last the dog’s lifetime.

LocaCarnivore does the leg work for you when it comes to great hunting videos on the web.  We stumbled upon this production by Jim Hodges Dog Training.  We’re so impressed, look for future Hodges videos right here at locacarnivore.com.

Watch as Jim puts a young German Shorthaired Pointer through her paces.  We like Jim’s smooth, positive dog handling style.  While GSP’s are sometimes stubborn, they are what we term “soft discipline” dogs.  Seldom do they need more than a gentle, yet firm leash correction or serious voice inflection.  They are bred to please the hunter, they want to do what you ask.

If you do it like Jim does, you should get great results from your GSP or any other hunting breed.

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