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5 Deer Hunting Tips to Increase Your Success [Video]

Deer hunting.  Everybody, and we mean everybody, has advice on how to hunt deer.  Some are spot on, others qualify as deer UFO conspiracy theories.  There are many ways to hunt deer, but you have to cover the basics, first.  Read More

Secrets for Hanging a Tree Stand [Video]

Since hunter education programs were introduced decades ago in most states, accidents due to negligent firearms handling are now rare.  However, all too many hunters are still injured and killed each year.  The culprit?  Tree stands. Hunters are injured because Read More

Stay Safe in Your Tree Stand This Fall

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department sent us this great, easy to use guide to tree stand safety.  Many hunters are injured, even killed, each season in falls from tree stands.  Read this handy guide and don’t become a statistic.  Read More

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