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A Sportsman’s Life: The Latest From Bill Heavey

Here’s the latest from columnist Bill Heavy at Field and Stream. Personality-Based Storage Systems for Your Hunting and Fishing Gear   Other helpful stories you’ll like: Bill Heavey’s “A Sportman’s Life”: Waterfowl Hunting A Hunter’s Gamble: Waiting for the Deer Read More

Death in the Long Grass (and Elderberries)

Seems hunting stories always begin with, “No kidding, there I was…” So, there I was.  I had spent the morning working my way up a mountain slope in the northern Rockies.  A slow, deliberate search for the elusive Mountain Grouse.  Read More

Lions and Tigers and Bears Got Nuthin’ on This Critter

I live and hunt in dangerous game country.  The mountains and forests which surround my home are filled with grizzly bear, black bear, wolf, mountain lion, wolverine, bobcat, and lynx.  I’ve encountered most at one time or another (griz yet Read More

I Went Bear Hunting and All I Got Was a Picture of Poop

WARNING: No bears were harmed in the making of this spring bear season. Spring bear season.  It’s what you do after you’ve recovered from general deer/elk season and are looking at your freezer with regret from eating all the venison Read More

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