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Tag: how to hunt mule deer

Mule Deer Hunting (Guns, Gear, Tactics for Your Best Mulie)

Half frozen atop a ridge in the Rocky Mountains, something got my attention through the binoculars. Five-hundred yards away, across a thousand-foot deep gully, what I had waited three long, cold hours for grazed in an open patch on a Read More

Mule Deer: We Aren’t Back East, Toto [Video]

Out here in the West, things are different.  Real different.  While many Eastern hunters think elk when they think Western hunting, truth is, mule deer are what fill freezers here year in and year out.  If you’ve just hunted back Read More

Unlock the Secrets to Mule Deer Hunting [Video]

We found this superb video about hunting Montana mule deer during the rut.  Mule deer present unique challenges compared to their whitetail cousins.  They inhabit rolling hill county and mountains with a million places to hide.  You won’t get them Read More

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