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Tag: bear hunting tactics

Insane Montana Black Bear Open Field Stalk [Video]

No one would believe a spot and stalk bear hunting story like this if it hadn’t been videoed.  This bow hunter puts on clinic for how to move up on an animal.  He works the wind, keeps his movements small Read More

Don’t Let Your Bear Get You (Pro Shot Placement Tips)

No doubt about it, bear hunting is dangerous game hunting.  Anyone who tells you different doesn’t understand the situation.  A bear hunter’s worst nightmare starts with a bad shot and leads to a wounded bear waiting in some heavy cover.  Read More

Effective Bear Hunting Secrets [Video]

Now is the time to pump up your bear hunting knowledge and skills.  We found a great video with killer bear hunting tips and tactics. This video is worth your time to watch.  You will learn can’t miss places to Read More

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