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Is Hunting in America Dying? Bill Heavey Says--It Can Happen


Idaho and Wyoming Advance Grizzly Hunt Plans


Montana Halts 2018 Grizzly Hunt [Breaking News]


Ruger's New Takedown Survival Carbine

New Compact Ruger 9mm Hits the Streets and Hunting Fields





LSU Scientist Paves Way for Possible CWD Vaccine and Cure


Attack of the Drones: Washington Begins Aerial Game Surveillance

Government Agencies, Private Land Owners Preserve Hunting Access in Oregon


Iowa Expands Legal Deer Hunting Calibers


Montana Mule Deer Test Positive for CWD

 Montana Ranchers "Cowboy Up" to Rescue Tangled Whitetail Deer Bucks [Video]


Youth Hunter Attacked by Ferocious Feral Hogs


Bison Survives Lightning Strike, Now on the Mend


Special Deer Hunts in Nebraska State Parks and Recreational Areas


Michigan Fights to Contain Chronic Wasting Disease in Deer Population



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Grizzly Bears Continue to Pose Threat in Montana


Montana Public Access Lands Reopen to Hunters


Second Grizzly Attack in Montana in One Week


Michigan Changes Deer Hunting Rules


New York Bear Season Starts Early


North Dakota Unveils New Game Damage Hunts


Elk Hunters Relieved: Restrictions Lifted in Little Missouri National Grasslands


Oregon Fall Chinook Fishing Season to Open Soon


Looking for a Place to Hunt on Public Land in Minnesota?

 Michigan Early Teal Season Opener Set


South Carolina Enables Handicapped Hunters


Wolves Continue to Kill Livestock Despite Intensive Non-Lethal Deterents

 Montana Elk Habitat Rescued From Developers

 South Dakota Game Department Closes Most of State for August Goose Hunt

 Missouri Migratory Bird Season Opener Coming Soon

 Learn to Bow Fish In Nebraska


New Savage 6mm Creedmoor Rifle

Learn to Shoot and Fish in New Mexico



Last Day to Apply for Anterless Deer Tags in Michigan


 Ruger Issues Safety Warning for Ruger Precision Rifle


Want to Learn How to Use an Atlatl?

Montana Wolf Licenses Available


 Nebraska Announces Learn to Hunt Workshops for Novice Hunters 

Grizzly Bears Recover to Huntable Population Levels


North Dakota Pronghorn Antelope Lottery Deadline Looms


World Famous Bubba Blade Knives Bought by Smith & Wesson

 Winchester Announces New XPR Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle