LocaCarnivore Test and Review: Best Women's Hunting Gloves

If you're blessed with constantly warm hands while hunting, I envy you. When my hands get cold, they really get cold.  Even dogs' cold noses shy away from my hands.  I know I'm not alone. Many women face this problem. If you're like me, you've tried many different mittens and gloves and can still have icicles for fingertips.  In the past, I simply had to purchase chemical heat packs by the truckload and deal with it.

But cold hands are something you don't have to live with.  Seriously.  And you don't have to deal with clunky mittens or gloves that only Arctic explorers use. I found some excellent hunting gloves.  They fit well and keep my fingers toasty warm.  I'd like to share my experiences and offer you some choices when it comes to hunting gloves.

I am a professional Amazon reviewer, so of course, once I bought the hunting gloves I wanted, they offered plenty of other gloves for comparison. So, I now I have more than enough hunting gloves, thank you.  Not a bad thing.  Just be aware some of these gloves I review here were provided by Amazon at no charge, but I am being completely honest in my evaluations of them.

Huntworth Women's Classic Insulated Hunting Gloves

 Amazon provided these gloves.  These are women's size large and fit surprisingly well for my big hands.  They claim these are gloves are "Inspired by heritage hunting gloves and updated with modern materials and a woman's fit, these gloves are the best of all worlds."

First, hunting manufacturers cannot get away from pink (even if it's salmon colored) for women's wear, which I find rather annoying.  Granted, it's only in the logo and the stitching on these, but seriously?  I supposed it's to keep your husband or boyfriend from stealing your gloves.  Given these just fit me, I doubt seriously my hubby would mix his gloves up with mine.

The index finger is designed for shooting.  It fits inside my rifle's trigger guard, but without a lot of room. I received these gloves at the end of this hunting season, and seeing as we had variable temperatures, I didn't need a real warm glove most of the time.

They kept my fingers toasty warm until my hands started to sweat.  After that, the material didn't seem to pump out the moisture.  Hmm.  I guess they probably should be worn with liners so you don't get cold fingers later.  I had to dry them out more than once by the wood stove.

Oh, and the "quiet tricot" outer shell is fine until you get to about 0F or below.  I wore these gloves in the barn to test them during below zero temperatures, and took them off when I was taking care of animals.  When I put them on again, they crackled like a food wrapper.  I don't know if it's the Thinsulate, the microban liner, or the waterproof liner (Ah hah!  That's why my hands swim in them!)  They had to warm up before they became quiet again.  Still, for the money they're a good value.  Just be aware of the limitations.

Huntworth Women's Fleece Lined Stealth Hunting Pop Top

"Is that pink?" my husband asked me when I brought them out.  Yeah, they've got Pepto-Bismol pink accents, catering to the pink crowd.  Amazon sent me these gloves in medium (rather than large), which means the pop tops don't really fit me well.  But that's okay.  While I was testing them, a mule deer buck showed up.  I dropped him on the first shot. So, there's proof right there that they do work, at least when it comes to shooting (your mileage may vary).

These aren't a particularly heavy-duty glove/mitten.  I'd say that they're probably only good down to freezing (32F).  Mine has some weird, grippy rubber lines that look a lot like the contours on a map.  Nubby material lines the inside of the open-finger gloves, which is somewhat warm.  The mitten portion has pink (what else, really?) fuzzy fleece that looks like they skinned a pink sheep.  This would be fine for an early fall glove, possibly for those cold mornings bow hunting where you need dexterity.

Carhartt Men's Gauntlet 

Now, I'll admit I'm very partial to these gloves because, well, I did buy them for myself.  I found them in another store, but I bought them at Amazon because I got them a little cheaper and got free shipping.  You may notice these are men's gloves, but the mediums work well for me.  I suspect most women would do well with a small, or if you have big hands for a woman, like I do, you will find the mediums comfortable.

These are by far the warmest of the three, but again, you'll discover that if your hands sweat in them, they get cold fast.  You should probably wear a liner with them.  This year I had very few reasons to wear them because they were too warm for the ambient temperatures, even when it dipped below 20F.  Still, I really like them and I've found them useful when it got serious cold. The trigger finger is narrowed, presumably for shooting, but it just barely fits inside my rifle's trigger guard.  I've been tempted to just pull the gloves off and shoot when the situation presented itself, but since I filled my deer tags this season before I got the gloves, I haven't had a chance to fully test them.
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