LocaCarnivore Expert: Magnum Hunting Cartridges - Go Large or Go Home

Why a Magnum?

Magnum. The word is synonymous with power, long range, and a certain cachѐ, which implies those who shoot them are uncompromising rifle enthusiasts. Are magnum hunting cartridges really necessary? After all, a deer hit in a vital spot with a .30-30 will be just as dead as hit with a .300 Weatherby Magnum.

The answer is magnums exist because they do a job better than anything else. After all, if they didn’t work, hunters would have rejected them long ago. All hype aside, magnums do one thing very well—they hit harder at much longer ranges and often with flatter trajectory. They also provide extra power not found in standard cartridges at close range, which many hunters find useful on very large or dangerous game.
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