Government Agencies, Private Land Owners Preserve Hunting Access in Oregon

According to a press release from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Federal, state, and county agencies along with the Oregon Hunters Association and a private land owner, resolved a prolonged dispute in Oregon over a road across private ranch land.  The Old Teaters Road has provided hunter access to adjoining public land since the 1800s.

Thanks to all parties involved, plus research provided by RMEF, the Old Teaters Road has been updated and rerouted so the public can still reach the Ochoco National Forest' southern-most area.  This area is a noted elk hunter's paradise.  

LocaCarnivore has written in the past how increased development, over bearing Non-Governmental Agencies, and misguided government bureaucrats are systematically shutting hunters out from traditional hunting areas.  The Old Teaters Road compromise illustrates hunter access in the West is sustainable if all parties will use common sense.