LocaCarnivore Hunting Secret: On The Third Day

Crunch time.  There's one week left in the hunting season and you haven't seen a single animal the few days you could spare in the field.  It's tough when you juggle a job, family, and hunting.  If you just had a better idea when the deer, elk, moose, etc. might show themselves, you could fill the freezer.

There are many theories, both scientific and folk lore when game animals will appear in a given area.  Everything from moon phase, to space alien mind control beams are thought to play a part in the primal ballet between hunter and prey.

There is one secret we've found works most times.  We picked it up from an Alaskan subsistence hunter, and it works great for hunters with limited time.

If possible, hunt an area for at least three days in a row.  Most local game populations move along habitual trails in their territory on a schedule which brings them back to the same spot every 72 hours or so.  If you don't see them on day one, you have a 30 percent better chance they'll show on day two, and a near 100 percent chance on day three.  Timing during the day may vary due to many factors, but they should make an appearance.

The Three Day Rule works for migratory animals as well since they tend to move in small to medium-sized herds at intervals rather than as one super herd.  If they are still migrating, and you miss out on day one...wait.

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