Are You a LocaCarnivore?

What is a LocaCarnivore?

In its simplest form, locacarnivores are hunters who rely on their immediate geographical area for game meat.  While horse-packing a week into the backcountry, setting up camp, and hunting for days on end is a time honored method, locacarnivores don’t have either the time or resources for such expeditions.  They hunt within a two hour, or less, drive from their homes, often just walking out their door into the surrounding environment.

While locacarnivorism is well suited to people who live in rural or remote areas, with a little planning, city dwellers can often commute to their hunts as well.

What We Plan to Do for You

At the LocaCarnivore, we will share with our readers, our experiences, both past and present, as locacarnivores.  We will bring you useful information on locating and using local hunting areas, as well as real-world equipment reviews and tests, hunting tactics, animal behavior, and anything else we find interesting.  Join us each week for exciting locacarnivore adventure.  Let’s get started!

The LocaCarnivore Saga in 2016

As I write this, the 2016 general rifle season closed several weeks ago.  Snow and bitter cold has descended on the northern Rocky Mountains and it’s time to look back on an exciting and productive hunt.
Here’s a quick recap.  Our season began in mid-August with a new program the state’s game department developed to reduce the elk numbers on private land and drive them back onto public lands.  Although we gave it a serious try, we found no elk.

Can’t Find One Critter, Go Look for Another

Deer, turkey, and grouse turned out much better with three white tails and a mulie in the freezer, plus several turkeys and grouse.  Despite spotting a large cinnamon phase boar one morning and a nice black phase another day, we struck out on black bear for the year.


Experience: The Most Valuable Commodity

Perhaps more important than the tags we filled, the things we learned this year proved invaluable.  Both the new shoulder season and a game damage hunt introduced us to some wonderful ranchers in the area, and we now have several great new places to hunt which are less than an hour drive from the old hacienda.  Also, we rediscovered an area just a short hike away which we had ignored for years, yet it provided a fine mulie buck.

The Take Away

It’s very important for locacarnivores to get out and meet new people and scout new areas.  Although it is nice to have favorite hunting places you return to year after year, creating good relationships with land owners creates flexibility, and flexibility creates opportunity.  If we hadn’t taken a risk on the new shoulder season program, we simply would not have found so many turkeys and it’s quite possible we would have gotten one less deer.
A true locacarnivore is always hunting in one sense or another.  Always on the lookout for new places, scouting game populations year round, and thinking ahead to future hunts.  The meat in your freezer often starts with leg work done months, sometimes years before the day you shoot an animal.

All in All, a Great Season

No elk or bear, but nice, tender venison aplenty, enough turkey to last several holidays, and grouse for variety.  All without pitching a single tent, driving for days, or packing in and out.  Now that’s locacarnivorism.

Good Hunting,
L.J. and M.H. Bonham